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January 11, 1928-Born in Chicago, Illinois to parents Max and Bertha Pinsky.

Summer 1942-Moved to Los Angeles, California with her family.

June 1944-Graduated Fairfax High School.

September 1944-Begin pre-med studies at the University of Southern California.

July 1947-Left USC medical studies to study with composer Ernest Krenek

September 1949- Married Dean Lavon Grigsby, an aeronautics engineer and musician.

June 1951-daughter, Meg, was born.

September 1955- started as a music student at San Fernando Valley State College

December 1955-daughter, Claudia, was born.

1959-graduated from San Fernando Valley State College with B.A. in Music.

1955- began teaching at San Fernando Valley State College Summer Institute and Saturday Conservatory.

Graduated from California State University MA in composition with Honors, 1963

1963-became Assistant Professor, San Fernando Valley State College.

1967-returned to USC to begin work on a doctorate in music.

1975-Wrote Fragments from Augustine the Saint as her D.M.A. dissertation.

1978- Named CSUN Distinguished Professor of the Year

1984-Opera Mask of Eleanor was premiered in Paris, France

August 15, 1986-D.M.A. in composition. awarded from USC. Her opera, Mask of Eleanor was accepted as her dissertation.

1992-Retired and became Professor Emerita at California State University, Northridge

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