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Upcoming Events
October, 2003:New York City and Vienna, Austria: Krenek Institute
January, 2004: Paris, France: Gregorian Chant Foundation
June, 2004: Abbe St. Pierre, Solesmes, France: Gregorian Chant Foundation
July-August 2004: English Theatre and British Library Study

April 24, 2005
VARIATIONS on L'homme armé for Kibbe Chamber Group
In Praise of Music Concert Series, La Canada, California

October, 2005
BEMUS International Music Festival, Belgrade, Serbia/Montenegro: Concert of Waltzes of the 20th and 21st Centuries (Valse Langueur and or Valse Songeur); Pianist Nada Kolundzija

October, 2005
Praise of Music Concerts: Variations on L'homme armé for Oboe, Violin, F.Horn, Violoncello

February, 2006
Guarnerius, Centre of Art, Belgrade, Concert Women Composers (Five Studies); Pianist Nada Kolundzija

May, 2006
Tour: Toronto-New York-Boston-Los Angeles-San Francisco: Pianist Nada Kolundzija Concert of Waltzes of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Fragments from Augustine the Saint, Chamber Opera, Augustina Hall, Chicago, Ill.

Five Studies on Two Untransposed Hexachord, Nada Kolundzija, Music Festival Zagreb, Croatia Five Studies tour of the Balkans, Ljubijana, Belgade, Budapest, Timisora, Bucharest, Sofia, Dabrovnik

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